The Right Tactics Have The Desired Results

by Sanguinely Yours

There are showing signs of affection through physical touch, such as a soft caress and there is groping. What is the difference? Think of the difference between subtle and demanding or the difference between the gentle purr of a cat and the pouncing of a dog. If you are in the situation of having dinner made for you are watching your lovely lady get ready to go out and you just can’t resist your urge to touch her, please do, just remember your tactics have consequences and they may not be the result you desire. A caress or a soft stroke of the hand on the nape of her neck followed by something endearing may not have immediate results but will be valued. In contrast a grope while she is trying to get beautify herself for an evening out with you may have immediate results, possibly not what you have in mind and may be felt as more of an irritant.
For instance, you might grab her ass (I prefer to use bum) very suggestively, and tell her how sexy her bum is and rub your pelvis against her, as she is dicing carrots with a sharp knife or stirring a sauce over a hot stove, to only get frustrated because you aren’t getting the desired results, or worse end up performing first-aid. Likely it is because you are not making her feel sexy but making her feel more like an object or plaything. Alternately, If you briefly and gently caress her bum (without any expectations) and tell her how sexy or beautiful she is and yes that you really like her bum, you will get much further, even if it is an hour or two later. Your actions will be valued, appreciated and reciprocated when not seen as an irritant or nuisance.

Sanguinely yours,


Fly Girl by Queen Latifah

Tell me why is it when i walk past the guys
I always hear, yo, baby?
I mean like what’s the big idea?
I’m a queen, nuff respect
Treat me like a lady
And, no, my name ain’t yo and i ain’t got your baby
I’m looking for a guy who’s sincere
One with class and savoir faire
I’m looking for someone who has to be
Perfect for the queen latifah me