Aprils Adventures In Dating

by Sanguinely Yours

Lets see, how should I illustrate Aprils prospects…Along with becoming desensitized by some mens lack of interest in me,  I would like to think that  I may be getting the hang of on-line dating.  Or maybe it is just that I have settled into the fact that whenever boys (of the fully matured variety)  are involved I will forever be plagued with misfortune of my own making.   At least I have learned that I should never drive at night (in unfamiliar territory), as all sense of direction dissipates with sun-fall; heels should be, but not necessarily,  forsaken in rain; and I need to getting  a hid-a-key.

My first date in April was with Mr. Lackluster.   On paper, or rather on-line, he seems promising; he is educated, athletic and well-rounded.   When we meet the first thing I noticed was his height.  Mr. Lackluster is the same height as I am, without heels and his smile seemed sad, inhibited and lacking charisma.  Our conversation was excruciatingly painful and I was forced into generic nervous chatter.  I could only surmise that he needs a similarly docile companion, which is not me and that is not to say that I am feisty or aggressive, because I’m not.  I wish him well.

maybe this guy would have been more interesting?

Next was, a guy who’s name means Wish.  Not sure is he is the granter of wishes or the wish fulfilled, but with one PhD under his belt and contemplating a second,  I can presume he is the wish his parents asked for.   Mr. Wish and I were going to meet at 6:30pm.  The chosen destination was about 20 minuets from my current location and I had about 30 minuets until then.  Like I said before, I am prone to misfortune of my own making when boys are involved. When I got to my vehicle to drive to meet Mr. Wish, I noticed that my keys were on my driver’s seat and my doors were locked, even my trunk!  I never lock my car door, haven knows why I would have done it then.   Need less to say, my date was postponed and it wasn’t because of a personal emergency,  or illness, or because I got lost, which would be entirely possible with or without GPS, no it was because I had to call a locksmith to unlock my car who took over an hour and a half to arrive!

Ladies, if you ever are in Newberg or the surrounding area and do something as foolish as me and get locked-out of your car, call Run Local Locksmith.  The 15 min. service they advertise is inaccurate, but the wait in the cold was overlooked when this incredibly good looking guy with an accent came to my rescue.

Surprisingly Mr. Wish was still interested in meeting me.  Amazing.   The destination of choice was 23Hoytfor a glass of wine.  In a quick first impression nutshell of a summery, he seems nice, intelligent, methodical and somewhat philosophical.  But I do not think this is a romantic match.  

23Hoyt – Bar

Mr. Propositioner.  First I should clarify that I never met this guy and the only communication I had with him was the message he sent me that said “why don’t you come stay with me for the weekend and lets see if we click. Maybe we can make some sort of arrangement if it goes well.”  What kind of arrangement is he thinking?  Somehow, just reading that message made me feel dirty.  No thank you, I do not need a repeat of  Mr. Absurd .

Mr. X  I hesitate to even write about him because I do not want to jinx anything.  Our most recent date was at Wildwood in Portland.    Maybe it was because of the sunshine because the staff at Wildwood were so happy and accommodating.   Even the hostess was glad to see us when we arrived early to our reservation.   I ended up choosing the tuna with a caramelized fennel puree for dinner, it was delicious, almost as good as the kiss after.

Salt and Straw

Salt and Straw

Most people who know me, know I lOVE ice-cream and no date is complete without dessert, so we headed to   Salt and Straw, on 23rd .  This place is a little mecca, almost like walking into a store that is packed with DvF and Eva Franco dresses.   It is hard to chose just one flavor, so why not just go with three.    Pear & Goat cheese, Lavender and vanilla.   I have been there more than once in a single day!

We shall see where this one goes.

Sanguinely yours,

xo xo

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