Bidder Ready! Where are the Bachelors?

by Sanguinely Yours

The best whims are the ones with serendipitous endings.  At least that may be the case tonight.

I had every intention to go directly home this evening, but I had this wild craving for a Margarita and Pate (I know a strange combo, to my defense, I was the kid in school who wanted liverwurst sandwich not pb&j).  The only place in McMinnville that could satisfy this particular craving is Thistle and Patrick, Mr. Mixologist Extraordinaire, delivered.    

While I am delightfully nursing my margarita and savoring each and every deliciously luxurious bite of my pork rillette, I hear in the background, “Bachelor Auction”.  What?  Bachelor Auction?  My attention is redirected, to single men and auction.  Faster than I could think “how do I purchase a ticket?” I was helping myself to the stool next to the two woman and introducing myself.   Wow, as easy as that and I have a ticket to the Cancer Foundation Bachelor Auction!   Oh, but their is a caveat.  The so called bachelors are not all bachelors, but married men, darn.  The ‘bachelors’ will just be representing various auction packages, some very date appropriate, such as wine tours and private dinners prepared by Portland chefs.  It’s a good cause and sounds fun.

Hmm…Now what shall I wear?  Maybe I should have tried on that gorgeous  Peter Cohen dress at Mario’s.  No, no, that would have been complete madness, no matter how spectacular is might feel on.

Sanguinely yours,

xo xo

Lana Del Ray – Take Me Away