Mystery Man, Is he real or not?

by Sanguinely Yours

I was communicating with a guy through okCupid last week, all was going well, we were even discussing trying to meet.  Then nothing!  My only conclusion is one of two things. He either was not who he said he was or it was my lack of divulging some personal information.

Was he who he said he was?  This is online dating and one can’t take to many chances, so I generally try to find a way to test the guy.  With this particular gent., he was very forthcoming, maybe to much so, that by the second message, I had his name and what law firm he works at. Of course I had to Google him.  Not to much, and what I did find was all very recent, in other words, not to much history there.  Being acquainted with a prominent attorney in Portland, I asked him if he knew of her.  I hate name dropping because it is cheap, but in this situation I wanted to use it as a test of sorts.  If he is who he says, he should know of this person.  I know he could just as easily do a web-search, but how he answers is also telling.  Anyway, he gave me an adequate reply. 

Or was it that I didn’t Facebook him, like he suggested?  Why would I give a total stranger, from okCupid or any other site for that matter, access to my last name and who knows what other kind of information by friending him on facebook?  Of course, I said no.  The playground is not level, at least not in my mind it isn’t.  He may have given me his name but as a female I’m in a more precarious position.

So I am left wondering, was this a scam or was he trying to be as cautious as I was? Maybe I am also hoping he wasn’t a creep, that may come into contact with some other unsuspecting female.  

Sanguinely Yours,

xo xo

This song is actually from this Mystery Man’s Facebook page that I didn’t friend. It was a band that I had not heard before and love it. 
Shake By Bronze Radio Return