My Date With My Sister

by Sanguinely Yours

My little sister who was on break from Grad school, came down to be my date to a recent event. I could have gone stag but this was a perfect excuse to get in some much needed sister time, and how more delightful date is one who is a sister? She may have been more excited to take advantage of having excellent food paired will equally great wine, but I would won’t hold that against her. Between Nick’s house-made mortadella and pastas, Matzinger-Davies ’08 Pinot, Coeur de Terre ’06 Pinot, and Harper-Voit ’10 Pinot, the food and wine flowed marvelously through our mouths. By the time our main course arrived the engaging gentleman sitting across from us asked why I didn’t have a male companion.

My Reply: “This is McMinnville, and I haven’t met any cute single men in McMinnville lately.”

Gentleman: “Well what about Portland?.”

Me: “Actually I have met a couple eligible men from Portland but when they find out where I live, they say that I live to far away.”

Gentleman: “Really, Portland it’s far away, it’s only about 30 miles.”

Me: “Yes, I know but it seems that they want someone at their beck and call.”

Gentleman: “They’re lazy and nothing ever comes to those who are lazy”

So simple. They are lazy because they do not want to put in a little extra time to get to know me, because it isn’t convenient. But what is ever convenient? Is it covenant to go to the gym, the grocery store, the DMV or the airport? How convenient is it to wake up in the morning when it is dark, wet and rainy outside? Think of all the things you have lost out on or would have lost out on if you didn’t take the time to just do it.

Now, back to my date with my sister. After everything was concluded with the event, we walked around to corner to Thistle for a cocktail. For some time I have wanted to bring her here because she would appreciate the pre-prohibition drinks they have. The drink du jour for me was a blood and sand. As always they were excellent and we went back the next night for seconds.

Thistle's Bar

Thistle's Bar

Here’s to being able to imbibe in an alcoholic beverage, with no worries of being thrown in jail. That is as long as you don’t drive and prohibition doesn’t come back.

Sanguinely Yours,
xo xo

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