Round Two – Online Dating

by Sanguinely Yours

Dear all single guys out there,

If you have genuine intentions of meeting a lady, please do not act like an idiot from the gate. Remember if you are trying to be funny, their are all kinds of funny and some humor should be left between the guys. Likewise, many photos of yourself that you think are funny are not going to get you a girl and likely may be a turn-off. If you think that being obnoxious or irreverent is going to sweep someone off their feet you may find yourself disappointed. Frankly, I do not know what to say to you disillusioned fellows, except that maybe you could take more civilized approach to enticement and see where it gets you.


Micheal Buble – Havent met you yet

Am I glutton for punishment, because I am going to give online dating another try. This round I am trying okcupid and am also considering again. Unfortunately, okcupid seems the same as the other sites. The pool is big and the quality is low, at least on paper. The urge to want to analyze some of the profiles is persistent, as many of them are ridiculous and a waste of time and space, like a weed that just needs to be illuminated with out a second thought. I do not mean to be rude, however if some of these guys are truly interested in finding someone to date they are being rather lazy about it, and that is not what I want. It is unfortunate because I am sure that some of these guys are not lazy, just unsure of how to present themselves. It is these guys I wish I could help, by making a few suggestions, to improve their profile.

Regrettably it didn’t occur to me until now to document some of the goodies, as I was going through them so quickly. So here is a little taste of some of the curious and interesting things I came across today:

“I am currently dating a beautiful girl that I met on another site. For the most part we are exclusive but are considering playing with others. This requires trust, open communication and honestly.” ~xx, from OkCupid

What does that mean? Is he referring to a ménage a trios? Or just exploring different opportunities?

One eye catching photo of a guy dressed up as a cross between Maverick (Tom Cruise) and a Chippendale dancer caught my attention.

Flight-suit unzipped to his navel, and sunglasses. If he were a Chippendale dancer, it might be the most beautiful one I’ve seen. His other photos where him posing to showoff his muscles. Unfortunately, he was one who took a lazy approach to describing himself and I was left thinking he was probably vain and self-centered.

While we are on the topic of photos, a large portion of the profile photos (likely over 50%) are guys with their tongues hanging out like an awkward dog. Another solid percentage are self-portraits, of those, the worst ones are taken in the bathroom mirror, with or without a shirt on!

Another guy, not the one dressed up as Maverick, boasts in his self summary that “after several years of flying airplanes, deploying and blowing up bad guys for the Air Force” . While I think that he should be proud to have served in the military, his statement gives his profile an aura of arrogance and is disrespectful of human life. He may have been trying to be funny, however its hard to know. Maybe I should give him a little slack, but the statement says a lot and makes me wonder if he is self-righteous, morally ignorant, or is he trying to act cool because he has some inferiority complex?

Another guy says he “plays cards for a living”. Not sure how I feel about gambling. The rest of his profile sounds great. Gambling could be a red flag.

A profile that got my hackles up was a man (probably fudging on his age) posing suggestively, shirtless, pants unbuttoned and hand on zipper with black finger-less gloves on. He gives his name and says he is looking for “fun and playful friends”, he also says he is “kind of shy” and “Safe”. Shy? Safe? The whole thing seems creepy.

Most of the profiles are either so generic that they are boring or they are so over-the-top-out-there, as if they are rebelling against society and conformity or living in some altered state of reality, that they only offer entertainment and no substance. If all else fails I guess I’ll have to consider some of these non-conformists at least I’ll be entertained. For now I will keep looking.

It is impossible to know from just reading these profiles who these people are, because without the face-to-face interaction, the external cues that would be picked up are lost. But I like challenges and I am optimistic.

Sanguinely Yours,
xo xo