I’m no spring chicken anymore!

by Sanguinely Yours

I have a very humorous friend who is trying to convince me to apply to be a contestant on The Bachelor. Maybe that would be a way to meet a great guy, however I’m not sure on those odds. It may be something to consider, if the girls were kinder. But you wouldn’t see me prancing around in a bikini, or skinny dipping on national television. No, I do not think I want 20 other woman, plus the shows views scrutinizing my body, when it is perfectly fine. I like my clothes better on anyway, it’s easier to hide my imperfections. That probably not so good for ratings, is it.

Yes, it is a fact, I no longer have the body of a 20 year old, even sadder, my breasts had the life sucked out of them by my son. Even my dear Mother reminds me that I am “no spring chicken’. Oh, how I long for those days when I was a young perky thing.

Sanguinely yours,
xo xo