Facebook & Employers

by Sanguinely Yours

I have recently experienced something interesting, but not necessarily unexpected, as I’ve been pursuing my endeavors to a fulfilling career. One of the organization I have applied to has had two people to friend me on facebook.

Facebook is in so many ways fantastic but also just as creepy. As a female, I am conscious of some of the dangers that social media and technology pose. Also, having had a personal experience with an unwelcome male remotely accessing my computer and email accounts, I have first had knowledge of the downside. So, this past weekend when I had two friend requests that I didn’t recognize, I did a little internet investigation. My search determined that one is a co-worker of a board member and the second is affiliated to the organization through providing services/industry. In a different situation I wouldn’t normally accept the request, however given the circumstances I did, as I have nothing to hide. What bothers me (just a little) is the roundabout / indirect nature.

This is relatively new territory so I understand people’s hesitation to be direct thus, attempt to be discreet by enlisting others who are closely connected through mutual friends. Regardless, I personally would prefer a more direct approach. If every board member would like to evaluate the content of my Facebook page, to determine whether or not I can represent their organization with poise and respect, they are welcomed to it. I just hope they don’t read this blog and judge me by the silly, frivolous content and my unedited writing.

Sanguinely Yours,