My Conversation With Siri

by Sanguinely Yours

Everyone should have a personal assistant, right? But what good is a personal assistant if they can’t help you on a whim.

The new iPhone personal assistant, Siri, might be handy for a myriad if things including locating restaurants and initiating calls to people from a contact list. But really what kind of assistant is she if she can’t pick-up my dry-cleaning, find me those beautiful Tabitha Simmons Shoes, that i can actually afford. She can’t even tell me if my bum looks big in these jeans, or make it easier for me to meet an unbelievable guy. If only Siri could talk to that cute guy at the coffee shop that I’m to chicken to go up to. So I ask you Siri what good are you, Really? You may sometimes understand my questions and yes you may help me do some basic things like call a friend,but I can do that just a fast as you. You do not get my meaning and things get lost in translation. You even get sassy with me.

Me: Find me Mr. Perfect or at least almost perfect
Siri: is that so?
Me: YES, Siri that is so!
Siri: I can not find that in your contacts

Me: I want those Tabitha Simmons, Evita shoes, But they cost $2000 What should I do?
Siri: What?
Me: I Repeat question
Siri: I don’t know that

As you can see Siri is no help, If I want an assistant, I want her to help me with things I haven’t the time for or the know how. Maybe one day Siri will be able to actually call the Urban Farmer and reserve a 7pm seating, with out me doing a thing, but until then siri, I think I can suffice with out you.

Sanguinely Yours,