February’s Adventures In Dating

by Sanguinely Yours

This may seem ridiculous and fairly insignificant to most people, but for those of us who suffer from shyness or anxiety in some social situations know how difficult dating can be. Thank you for baring with me as I hone my dating prowess.

The Professional Outdoorsman

Our last date was to Andina in the pearl. Three different ceviche plates, excellent margaritas and lots of laughter made this a perfectly memorable date. Regretfully this one has been put on hold. We are still in touch but have not been out for nearly a month. He has recently taken a new position with his company. The demands of the new position and the emotional ties to his ex, are proving to be to complicated at this time. This is not a cease and desist but more of a lets not get to carried away.

Daddy Longlegs

I’m a little disappointed with this one. He, along with most of the men I’ve met recently have either not learned or forgotten how to woo a lady and Daddy Longlegs is no exception. He is both attractive and intelligent, however, he seems to struggle when it comes to taking the lead and build an interpersonal relationship. He’s vague about everything. How do you get to know someone who is vague? You don’t. Vagueness isn’t mysterious is weird. Also, I believe if a guy wants to meet up with me somewhere, at the very least he should have an idea of what he wants to do. If he’s unfamiliar with the area, a little research could be done, to show a little forethought. I’m just not being wooed here.

Mr. Suave

Because Mr. Suave and I keep meeting in professional settings we have yet go out on a date. Yes, we have had cocktails, dinner, lunch and even coffee in the morning (we met for coffee) none I’d consider a date because the setting always had a professional agenda. I think Mr. Suave and I are going to be great friends. He teases me about my directional challenges and I can almost tease him about his vanity. The reality is, I’m not his type. I’m not flashy, my breasts are natural, my hair is almost its natural color, and my accessories are not walking advertisements. I’m far less pomp and pretense. And he’d eventually get tiered of me suggesting a more moderate, kind approach to his sometimes brutishness. Time will tell.

Mr dreamy (the newbie).

For the past few years I have seen (not dated, just observed from a distance) Mr. Dreamy with relative frequency at Union Block Coffee. Because of my shyness and lack of gumption with the opposite sex, I never said anything, just gave a polite smile, always hoping he would initiate something. But nothing ever happened and after last summer I never saw him again. Until a week and a half ago when I walked into Golden Valley for dinner with a few fellow planning committee members and there he was, sitting at the table next to my group. Coincidently, I knew all the wives of the men at the table with Mr. Dreamy. Of course, once I got home that night I promptly email one of the wives and asked her who the cute guy was. By the next day I had his email and a brief description of how great he is and that he had moved to Portland a few months ago. Uh, of course he has moved to the city! Now, not only am I feeling a little bummed because I have terrible timing, I am beginning to feel a little bit like a stoker, after all, I’ve just tracked his name and email down. Still I proceed by emailing Mr. Dreamy, hoping he doesn’t find it to bold or awkward.

He promptly replies:

Thank you for the email. It’s flattering to be sought out by an attractive lady! There is nothing awkward about being bold. Here is the deal, though. I live in Portland, having moved last June. I currently visit Mac about once / month to see clients and the guys you saw me with last night. I would be open to getting a drink sometime. Location makes that a little challenging. And to be totally open & honest, I’m fresh out of a relationship and on a self-imposed dating hiatus. Maybe now I’m the one being awkward, but I really appreciate your email and want to be perfectly straight with you.

Let me know if you are in town and I’d be happy to grab a drink. It never hurts to meet new people. Especially the bold and attractive type. 🙂

Curious, he says he “would be open to getting a drink sometime” but he’s on a dating hiatus. I wonder what his idea of a date is?

My reply back:

Self-imposed dating hiatus? That sounds dreadful. No such thing for me, living in McMinnville already puts a damper on my dating options and would likely become an old maid if I did such a thing. Actually, I am on more of a dating expedition

and ask him to meet me for a “non-date”. That silly manipulation of a word worked!

Mr. Dreamy and I emailed back and forth a few more times when I realize he might have the wrong impression of me. Clearly I should come with a huge disclaimer that reads:

Warning: Privileged (not spoiled), Unemployed (frugal and poor), Single Mother (must plan in advance, no spontaneous dates), Prone to increased clumsiness and moodiness if not fed every two hours. Should not be nixed with tequila.

I do not accept liability for any loss or damage to Ego, including and without limitation to, any loss of Sanity which may arise directly or indirectly from flirting, fornicating or any other form of interpersonal relations, platonic or not. Proceed at your own risk.

“Non-date” scheduled after I told him I was likely not exactly what he was conjuring up in his mind and I should come with a warning.

Here is I wanna dance with somebody, by Whitney Houston. I loved this long with I was a child and now my son thinks its funny when I dance around the house singing it.

Sanguinely Yours