Back From Hiatus

by Sanguinely Yours

Sorry for my lack of writing. Pre/post holiday activities and travel left me a little dry, uninspired and in a quandary. Not to sound overly dramatic but I’ve been trying to do some “soul searching” or more specifically career searching. If you would have asked me 10 years ago (give or take a few) what I thought I would do for a career I would have said I wanted to be a philanthropist or a creative director in the fashion industry. The philanthropist caused a few eyebrow raises from my peers. At that time one could barely say philanthropist and fashion in the same sentence and be taken seriously. Today my reality isn’t exactly either of these, however, I still love clothes and care about the welfare of others, it just isn’t my daily occupation nor am I giving great sums of money for charitable endeavors. While I may be whimsical at times in my thoughts and desires, I am mostly a realist, so I will not be packing my bags and moving to NYC to fulfill some unfulfilled dream. No, I like Oregon to much to think it would be better anywhere else. This likely some sort of personal renaissance I am going through that will only be achieved and understood through more dating. That sounds so easy enough doesn’t it?

So, onto the important stuff! Regretfuly, Februarys adventures thus far are sparse and I will update you soon. No frets, my hiatus is over and all the juicey details of The Professional Outdoorsman, Daddy Long-legs, Mr. Suave, and a new one, Mr. Dreamy / Can’t talk when I see you Mr. Dreamy will all be shared.

Until latter
Sanguinely yours