Driving in Cars

by Sanguinely Yours

Apparently I am not only bad with directions, it seams I am also a terrible driver. Driving on the freeway this week I was paying more attentions to a large semi on my right, knowing that inside that monstrosity the driver probably couldn’t see my compact fuel efficient vehicle. In retrospect I should have used my horn, it’s there for a reason. As a result, lets just say I skinned my vehicle, on one of those large orange barrels, completely severing the driver’s side mirror from my car. This scared the bageebees out of me, causing me to be very nervous and shaky for hours. It could almost be funny but the blind spot that was already there, just got exponentially larger, and the two small spring-like tentacles dangling in the wind from where my mirror used to be are annoying. My little car is going into the car doctor right away.

In honor of my misfortune and to poke a little fun at myself, here is a video a friend shared with me.

Harry Enfield – Women, Don’t Drive

Sanguinely Yours,