The Safe, The Dangerous and Bitter:Sweet

by Sanguinely Yours

It has been a rather slow month for dating, but this is no surprise. The only noteworthy gentleman are ones I have already spoken of.

The Fanatical-Outdoorsman (October’s Adventures in Dating) and I have now gone out a few times. All-around great guy, he is level-headed, mature, adventurous and he also volunteers at the children’s hospital. This is just the beginning, I still haven’t met my goal and have more men meet. Mr. Outdoorsman does have one disadvantage, well maybe two but I’m not counting. The main one being, that he is recently out of a long, rather rocky relationship. Our mutual friends refer to him as a serial monogamist and wonder if he will ever settle down? We have had the relationship talk, which consisted mostly of us expressing the need to date and the importance of not getting into a relationship right away. So this is all fine and dandy, for now. The outdoorsman has expressed some concerns about my location. This is a legitimate concern, he lives in Portland and I do not. So we lack the ease, conveyance and spontaneity that could run freely if we both lived closer. I personally am less concerned about it at this time and feel that as we are getting to know each other the distance is ok and we can figure it out.

Locality has been a sore topic for me as it seems to be a deciding factor with online daters (neither of these men I met on-line). McMinnville is only one hour from downtown Portland and it would be a far reach to call it hickville.

Then there is bachelor number two, Mr. Suave. I keep asking myself why I am leading myself down this road. I am not naïve to think that I can change a Players ways, however I may be naïve to think that there might be a chance he isn’t the player, I think he is. That being said, I need to explore further into this Mr. Suave because I can’t explain how he makes me feel. The feeling or sentiment that I had when I first met Mr. Suave was something I haven’t experienced before. It was so unsettling, almost exciting but really just far more terrifying than anything else. We had only gone out a couple of times after our original meeting, so he was free to see whom ever he pleased. When I declined a dinner invitation from him, I didn’t expect him to stay home. But when I saw him out with another girl, it was as if the wind was knocked out of me, and all of my presumptions were confirmed. I then had reason to shut the door on what I was feeling. Then I ran into him at an event in Portland last month, those same crazy, bewildering and unsettling feelings I felt before where right there practically knocking me off my feet, turning me into a stupid silly wreck of a female. The lack of control I have over my feelings and the situation is absurd and utterly terrifying. So I know this time I must proceed into this crazy illogical but maybe logical desire I have for Mr. Suave. I hope I can get him out of my system because I do not believe he will be sidelined from continuing to play the field anytime soon. Even more important I do not want to forever wonder.

With Christmas a couple weeks away I suspect dating will continue to be put on the back burner at least just for a brief gentle simmer. But come the New Year, everything will be fresh, shiny and new, with plenty of new opportunities.

Sanguinely Yours,

Bitter:Sweet – Dirty Laundry

What’s the fun in playing it safe?
I think I’d rather misbehave
Our way