The Mating Game

by Sanguinely Yours

Over the years I have been in a few relationships, but I have never really dated. I suppose I’ve always been more of a relationship girl or maybe dating was never encouraged in the right way. My typical mode of dating, up until recently, has been to date one person, if something materialized great, if not then we would move on. Somewhere along the way I realized that I wasn’t having any real success with love and that I needed to explore the opposite sex, with more vigor and gumption.

Having never been a fan of unfair playgrounds or that a persons heart is a toy, the concept that dating was a game, always made me feel uneasy. Playboys finessing their way through a parade of innocent young ladies or harlots bouncing from one guy, to the next in a disrespectful fashion was what my mind conjured up when I thought of dating as a game.

Thanks to a fellow blogger, Silly_G from Threemonthstoforty This dating expedition I am on just became clearer. I realized that I can play the game too. The idea of telling my dates that they might be just one of a few (in my case, a couple) on a roster of eligible men seemed like major dating faux pas. But, now I see the value of a Dating Roster and that I can determine my own rules of the game while being forthcoming about my goals and expectations, all while using it all to my advantage. Juggling men is tricky business, I’m not sure how well I will do with it.

Sanguinely Yours,

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