To Little Time For Misbehaving?

by Sanguinely Yours

It’s almost Friday, and I have a couple dates planed in-between two social events. A little worried I have too much planned for the weekend and will end up feeling over-extended. I have also been toying with the idea of including a couple of male friends into my dating process. Not to date them, but to incorporate them into some of my dates somehow. Maybe a different perspective. One of them has known me for a very long time and they are all are great men. They are Marine pilots, so they are sort of a unique breed of men and so much fun to go out with. It would be cruel to lead a new fellow unknowingly into this sort of ruckus. So if my date were knowing and willing it could be a fun little eye opener for both parties. Just musing……

Sanguinely Yours

Lets misbehave from Easy Virtue