Daddy Longlegs

by Sanguinely Yours

I met Daddy-Longlegs few weeks ago via Match. We have had one face to face, so needless to say, we are still in the very early phase of getting to know each other. The little that I know about him is that he seems nice, is cute, possibly a bit introverted, has a philanthropic side, plays music, has to have some high level of intelligence given his career path and is athletic. He is also fairly thin, maybe even skinny by some standards, hence the nickname, Daddy-Longless. He would probably point out that while he is lean, he is superbly fit and strong from all the bicycling he does. I’m just realizing that he seems a lot like the last person I dated, in that they share the same career path and athletic interests. Daddy-Longlegs is just a bit younger.

Unfortunately, there are a few draw backs to Daddy-Longlegs. The first is that he doesn’t seem very forthcoming about who he is and what makes him, him. Not that I expect him to tell me his life story, but if he can’t ever be serious and open up just a little, how am I to get a good read on him and figure him out?

Second, our main form of communication has been via text messaging. This is a difficult form a communication, at least for me. Sometime during our texting back and forth, he began to ask for provocative pictures. He has been relentless with his requests. Granted I didn’t take it to seriously, but did begin to get annoyed by it. He also wanted to know what color panties I was wearing. Are they lace or cotton? I’m not a prude, just not into sharing this stuff with someone I barely know, let alone through electronic devices. I just don’t want that stuff to come back and bite me on the derriere. I do believe that if Daddy-Longlegs were just out for the photos, he would have lost interest and communication would have come to a halt, but it has not. So throughout this, my curiosity takes over and I wonder how many foolish girls have fallen for this from him or anyone else? Are the photos like trophies? Or is it just an arousal? Just curious.

The third issue, is his location. This is the worst part of it. Of the guys that I have recently met from Match, he is the only one that I can say showed some potential. Of course that potential would be aside from the unyielding requests for a particular type of photo. He lives 3 ½ hours away, in a rural area that can feel landlocked during the winter. While it is true the town is not as lovely as McMinnville, and it may have been insulting to him that I voiced my disdain for his town. The words just stupidly slipped out. Particularly stupid because I think he might be a nice guy and also because I just sounded like a jerk, which I am far from. Not sure what was I thinking?

So in reality, even considering the advantages or disadvantages at this juncture may be a moot point as I have probably just insulted him. Wish I could just blame this blunder on something other than my myself.

Sanguinely Yours,