The Curious and Sometimes Preposterous Things Guys Do.

by Sanguinely Yours

This is just a quick list of the weird things guys do, at least according to me.

1. Excessive Texting
They ask for you phone number but just use it to text! Really, do they not think that a normal conversation would be more difficult than sending hundreds of text messages. Things get lost in text-translation.

2. Requesting Racy Photos (via multimedia messaging)
They ask for racy photos from girls they barely know. Do they really think they’re going to have any luck? I really don’t want to know or imagine what they are doing with the photos, so please don’t ask. Just wait and earn the pleasure of seeing her in the flesh first.

3. Shallow Conversation, Flippant Sarcasm and Sexual Innuendos
This is something that I get frustrated with when I am trying to get to know someone. Please use these in moderation, because you’re wasting my time otherwise. My goal is to get to know and meet a great guy, not navigate and maneuver through all this rubbish.

4. Wandering Eye
Guys will be guys, and girls will be girls so checking out someone of the opposite sex is just fine in my book. Why do some guys think it is acceptable, while on a date, to check out other females while we are sitting right there watching his eyes caress, appraise, and imagine this other female as she walks by. We know you’re going to ogle over other ladies but please not when out on a date with us, you should only be ogling over your date. At the very least make sure we are not paying attention.

5. Mixed Messages and Unclear Expectations
It is confusing when a guy sends mixed messages. For instance, at night he is warm an affectionate but the next day he is distant and almost cold. If you don’t know what you want, or you just want the physical intimacy, or just a date to an event, this is fine. We just want to know what to expect, so we can decide how to proceed. If you like her, but you only want to see her on your terms, fine, just express yourself. Stumble over your words if you have to, just get it out and let us know, so we know what to expect from you and how to proceed. We just ask for a chance, but if you don’t tell us, we question, we analyze, and then we start to act silly, ultimately shooting ourselves in the foot. Really, it is OK if you don’t know what you want, we probably don’t know what we want either, but if you are forth coming with that fact we will know that your hot and cold moments are you and not us.

6. Poor Manners
Be a gentleman! Don’t fallow the stupid dating rules you were misguided into believing when you where 15. If you meet a girl, contact her, do not wait for her to call you. Remember if you snooze you lose. Please call or text after a date, preferably within 12hrs, it just the polite thing to do. Oh and what ever you do, do not honk your horn for her to come out to the car.

Mayer Hawthorne – Let me know