Is it to much to ask for?

by Sanguinely Yours

Dearest Friend,

Is it to much to ask for that I find a great guy with all of the following qualities?

~Good manners and well-bread (good parents, good friends, good home, good standards, etc.)
~Integrity and honor
~Compassion with a concern for human welfare and doing what is right
~Must have gumption
~Good mix of seriousness and playfulness
~Secure with himself, but not overly arrogant
~Not judgmental
~Expects the best from himself
~Generally a planner, but has the capability to be spontaneous
~The ability to express himself in a levelheaded manner and communicate openly and honestly with others is very important.
~Has the ability to evaluate a situation objectively and with sincerity
~Enjoys the Arts
~Worldly and enjoys traveling
~Is open to new experiences, thoughts, cultures, ideas, people, and life.
~Must enjoy food & have a cultivated palate or at least be open to trying new things
~Adventurous, maybe a bit of a calculated thrill seeker.
~Drinks in moderation
~Has his own thoughts, ideas, and dreams. He does not mold them to others
~Can cook or willing to except that my cooking skills are limited
~A romantic but not gushingly so
~Enjoys animals
~Enjoys Music and Dancing, I am not a good dancer but LOVE to in the right situations.
~Being good with names would be fantastic because (while I’m good with faces and other details) I’m not so great at remembering names.
~Can put up and maybe even find my crazy ways, silly obsessions, and sometimes not so sensible ways endearing.
~Would be great if he is physically fit.
~ Between the age 32 and 42

It may be to much to ask for.

Sanguinely Yours,