Mr. Suave

by Sanguinely Yours

Dearest Friend,

Almost exactly two years ago I met Mr. Suave through mutual friends at their Christmas party. He is successful, intelligent, and fairly attractive in a typical sort of way. He is more Russell Crow than David Gandy or Matthew McConaughey and is probably used to having girls through themselves at him. When Mr. Suave and I were introduced, his broad well postured shoulders, charming manners, combined with a part sincere and part mischievous smile told me everything I needed to know about him. Mr. Suave, was a player and I should not be charmed! As the holiday festivities continued around us, we were obviously enjoyed each others company because fellow party goers mistook us as a married couple. When it was time for me to go, I remember thinking to myself just leave don’t find him don’t say goodbye, just leave, he is trouble. Of course, that is not what happened and Mr. Suave walks me to my car. I tell him exactly what think of him but my stupid smile says differently because he tries to give me a kiss goodnight. Over the next few weeks and against my better judgment we continue to talk and see each other a few more times. One particular evening Mr. Suave asks me to have dinner with him, unfortunately I can not because I have dinner plans with the girls. That evening, I walk into the restaurant to meet my group and there he is, with another girl! The Scoundrel! The heartbreak! I tell my self that this is his loss, if he enjoys her company more than mine then he definitely is not worth my time. And thankfully I looked really cute in my cloche hat and coat! We spoke one time after that, he apologized and that was that.

Fast-forward a couple of years. I am in Portland helping a friend out, when I look up from what I am doing and there he is, Mr. Suave is standing in-front of me! Oh no, I just want to ignore him, pretend I don’t see him, forget about him, and protect my ego, but that would just be impolite. My friend is standing a few feet away, next to his girlfriend, observing this and chuckling at my awkward moment. Mr. Suave says it has been to long and that I should call him sometime. Please! Really, call him?! I tell him that I do not have his number anymore because I deleted it from my contacts. By days end, Mr. Suave maneuvered his way right back into my good graces. Darn that smile, Darn him and Darn me! But, I am still not calling him…and I do.

Bitter:Sweet – Trouble

Sanguinely Yours,