How do they do it?

by Sanguinely Yours

Dearest Friend,

In theory going on 10 dates with 10 different men seems like a good idea. I want to be thankful for whoever it is that I end up with and it is a good idea to experience dating different people to learn not only what I want with more clarity but also how to feel more comfortable and communicate better with people in new situations. I can often be to formal and could benefit from a more relaxed manner.

But this dating business is a lot of work. I have considered, what if I meet someone I really like partway through the process? How will I continue dating other guys while still being sincere with the feelings that could be developing? Should I just continue meeting other people while continuing to foster this new relationship? How does one do this without hurting the other person and how will I protect my feeling while he continues dating other woman if he chooses to? Will I be taking a risk by continuing on this quest and potentially losing out on a great guy? This is unfamiliar territory, as I do not have much experience in dating multiple people during a relatively short period of time. How do so many people do it????

Sanguinely Yours,