Octobers Adventures in Dating

by Sanguinely Yours

I suppose I should fill you in on the progress of my dating adventures. I believe I mentioned the process has been a little ripe with challenges. Even so, I have met three men since that unfortunate experience with Mr. Absurd.

The first of these three is an orthopedic surgeon from PDX. We agreed to meet at Farm to Fork in Dundee. As I am about the walk in the door, fear comes over me. Is this going to be a repeat of my last meet and greet? What if he looks nothing like his photo or he looks like the hunchback of notre dame and can’t even sit up straight? Or worse, we don’t recognize each other and find ourselves mortifyingly embarrassed when we realize our error and have to justify the blunder by the fact that we had only seen photos of each other on Match.com. I gain composure, walk in, and to my relief there Doc is, in the flesh and recognizable. We introduce ourselves and I am instantly struck by his voice. Note to self, maybe a telephone conversation would be advisable next time. It is so soft and almost effeminate. What the Maître d’ must be surmising at this point, I have not idea. I think a saw a little grin on his face, not a snide one, just one of observance. This town is so small, and I can almost envision a scene from a movie, with one text message spreading like wildfire so fast that by the time I go to work the next day, everyone will know I was on a blind date at Farm to Fork. Wildfires aside, we enjoy a glass of wine, some introductory conversation and decided to stay while enjoying some food. The Wild Boar Terrine and Duck Rillettes were both fantastic. At some point a couple come in and are seated directing next to us. Of all the seats available they sit next us, even worse is that I vaguely know (customer) the woman. Doc and I both become a little unsettled because it is obvious she is evaluating the situation next to her (us) and is periodically even eavesdropping on our conversation. All in all Doc seems like a very nice guy, our conversation was interesting and easy. His voice did became more robust and it would be nice to see him again in a platonic way.

An Attorney from Washington I met next. The day we decided to meet we were both rather rush for time due to other obligations in the city. I suggested that we meet at Starbucks on 23rd in Portland. Well, you know how bad I am with directions! I don’t pay attentions to street signs, just landmarks and when I say left but point right, I in fact mean right not left. You get where I am going. After I peruse a couple of my favorite shops on 23rd I wonder down to Starbucks and sit at a small table outside. While I am patiently waiting by myself, a group of men are seated nearby looking at me. Uncomfortable, because I dislike being stared at, so I find my phone as if it where armor to protect and happen to see a text message that my date is trying to find a parking spot. Thank goodness not sure I wanted to wait much longer. Phone back in pocket, I now notice a man hovering close by, when I look up he walks up to me and says “Hi, I am a photographer” oh dear, never a good introduction. Thankfully he doesn’t say much. He walks a few yards and watches me from where he has planted himself. To my relief, my date calls and we determine he is on the wrong side of 23rd. Darn it! (not exactly what I was thinking, but close) I told him to turn one way when I meant the other! I can not help but laugh, apologize profusely and explain that I am severely directionally challenged when not in the driver’s seat. He was a complete gem and took it in stride. Unfortunately, when we finally did meet it was so abbreviated it hardly gave us the opportunity to talk.

Date number Three is a professional from Portland who is possibly a fanatical outdoorsman. I think if it were circa 1850 he would have gone out into the woods to live deliberately with Thoreau. In contrast he is well dressed and must have a personal stylist, if I didn’t know any better I could have dressed him. Our date began at Ken Wrights’, Tyrus Evan Tasting Room. The tasting room, perfectly decorated in theme, had furs draped over furniture, animal skulls mounted on the wall, and Karen Wrights’ jewelry dangling from antlers. My date, the outdoorsman he is, was probably in his element. I too, was in my element, enjoying the wine. You must try their 2008 Savoya Pinot Noir. We decided to wander down the street and ended up eating lunch at the Horse Radish. While the Savoya and our constant chatter overshadowed my lunch, I would be very curious to return on a Friday night when the space is converted into quaint music venue. Thankfully, this date did not involve any nosey dining neighbors, gawkers, or directional mishaps.

Sanguinely yours,