Mr. Absurd!

by Sanguinely Yours

Finding an eligible date that I would want to go on a date with and who wants to go on a date with me is taking some time. Living an hour away from Portland is proving to be to my disadvantage. If only I could convince these online daters that McMinnville boasts a fine array of hot women and a descent selection of nationally recognized restaurants.

So, I met with this one guy, lets just call him Mr. Absurd. Well Mr. Absurd was a little late to our first meet and greet. Something about a shower or phone call, regardless, late, but fine. Not five minutes into this does he say “your tits are smaller in person”. Yes he said tits! Then Mr. Absurd had the audacity to pull my blazer away from me and grabs my waist because he wanted to feel my waist. He doesn’t approve of my “tits” but says my waist is firm and wishes I would just take my blazer off. NO! I can not get out of here fast enough! I wish he would have asked to see my “ass” because I would have told him to get a good look at it because he would only see it as I walked away!

After such an offensive date one might want to reconsider if this online dating thing is worth it. This is not an easy process, it takes time, patience, flexibility and in this particular case a good since of humor. During my hour drive home I had time to ponder this situation while indulging in a blackberry milk shake from burgerville. Ice cream must clear my mind. By the time I got home I decided that I need to go on at least 10 dates with 10 different guys, because I want to be thankful for who ever it is that I end up with. Silliness? Maybe, but hopefully I will learn a few things along the way. Maybe I am turning a lemon into lemonade.

Sanguinely yours,